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State and Trait Anxiety on different factors of Problem Based Coping

Published Date : 05-Dec-2014


The study aims to relationship to the state and trait anxiety on different factors of Problem based coping. Sampling technique that was used for the selection of the sample in this case was random sampling technique. A total of 300 school students were selected from three different schools in Madurai city. The investigator selected 100 students from government higher school students, 100 students from Government Aided School and 100 students from Private school. Personal data sheet developed by the investigator, Patricia Zuritaona and Matthew Mckay, (2011).State and Trait anxiety is developed by Charles D.Speilberger, (1983) were used to collect data. Results were statistically analyzed through ‘correlation coefficient. State and trait anxiety had an impact on different factors of problem based coping.