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Visual Imagery on State Anxiety, learning and Cognitive style among Higher Secondary School Students

Published Date : 24-Dec-2014


This study provided essential information; about the effect of visual imagery improved the learning style and cognitive style of the students. Visual imagery is reported to play a central role m stress disorder... This investigation examined visual imagery ability in students with varying degrees of state anxiety and different cognitive styles. Methods A sample comprising 100 higher secondary students were chosen for the study. Before finalizing the final form of the tools and collecting data for the main study, a pilot study was attempted by giving learning style questionnaire to 200 students. From this 50 students with visual learning style were picked up and given 4 weeks training of Visual imagery. After that their state anxiety and cognitive style scores were taken and the data were analyzed and interpreted. Conclusions: 1. There was a significant impact on state anxiety and intuitive cognitive style scores. 2. Visual learning style scores were significantly improved after the training. 3. There was a significant relationship between visual leaning style with intuitive cognitive style